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(1) The process skill in which we use our senses and occasionally science tools to get information about an object or event is called_______

(2) Scientist put living things into groups so they?

(3) If there is a large fire at the dump the atmosphere will become__________.

(4)If the room temperature gets very warm ice will melt________.

(5)The paint has run over the living room floor.

(6)If more paint is spilt,it will spread further_________________.

(7)The paint can fall from the shelf_____________.

(8)Which of these is an example of a non-living things?

(9)Anything that does not carry out all seven life processes is not living.____

(10)You classify things based on their similarities and differences.____

(11)A terrarium is a tiny artificial habitat,usually for plants._____

(12)Can plants and animals live in an artificial habitats?

(13)An aquarium is an artificial habitat in which fish and other things can live.

taproot plant, example of taproot plant, carrot taproot plant

(14)Which of the following best describe a taproot system.

fibrous root picture, Fibrous plant, Fibrous root lesson, example of fibrous root

(15)Which of the following best describe a fibrous root system?