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PEP Grade 5 Performance Task Language Arts.

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  • Source 1

    The Africans

    Africans came to Jamaica in 1513 as slaves to the spanish settlers. These African slaves were freed by the Spanish when the English captured the islands 1655.They quickly ran to the mountain where they fought for their freedom and become the first Maroons in Jamaica. In regards to the arrival of the sugar revolution in Jamaica. There was a shortage of manual labour. This need was met by importing slaves from Africa. As a result of the slave trade the majority of Jamaica is of African descent. In addition the abolition of the British slave trade in 1807 did not mean that people who lives in Africa no longer came to Jamaica. During the apprenticeship period (1834-1838) and in 1839 a number of people came to Jamaica from Africa as free Labourers The surival of the Africans way of life in Jamaica are said to be in the parishes which had the largest these voluntary workers. For example the Kumina ritual in the parish of St.Thomas is one of the best known surving ritual.

    Source 2

    The Europeans

    The White inhabitants of Jamaica comprises of people of European descent or orgin. In 2011 the national census recorded a white population of 4,365 persons in Jamaica. Although in the 17th century white Jamaicans made up much of a larger percentage of the population at that time. As a result several Jamaicans have light skin, European features and mostly European descent. In the colonial period it was common for such persons to identify simply as white but this as change since Jamaica independence in 1962. It has been more common to identify them a s brown or mulatto. .

    Source 3

    The Indians

    The first ship carrying workers from India, the "Maidstone", landed at Old Harbour Bay in 1845 according to They arrived as indentured labourers between 1845 and 1917. The Idians came to Jamaica to earn a living and a better life back in India when the contract is up. At the end of the indentured contract not many Indian went back home, some was force to stay in Jamaica. Some take up new skills as fishermen, while some returned to the trades as barbers,ironsmith and goldsmith. Some became money lenders. As you see presently in Jamaica a lot lot of Jewellery stores are owned and operated by Indians. The Indians also brought their religions to Jamaica for example, Hindus and Muslims. The Indians also introduced several plants and trees in Jamaica , the most notable ones are betel leaves, betel nut , jackfruit, mango and tamarind. A typical Indian dinner includes curried goat, roti, curried potato, eggplant, bitter gourd and okra.

    Source 4

    The Chinese

    Starting in the 19th century , chinese many of whom came to Jamaica as indentured workers, showed a significant degree of entrepreneurship. These chinese people left the plantation because they dislike the nature of the work and opened grocery stores known as "chinese shops" everywhere across Jamaica. The grocery and variety stores established by the Chinese offer products at reasonable prices. They also brought their of food cuisine and open restaurants in Jamaica.

    Write the important points from each source below ending with a fullstop.
    Source 1

    Source 2

    Source 3

    For each of the following statements indicate using the checkbox whether the information is in source 1, source 2, source 3,source 4, supports each statements. You can only select one checkbox for each statements.

    Statements Source 1
    Source 2
    Source 3
    Source 4
    Neither Source 1,Source 2,
    Source 3 and Source 4 support
    People of African descent continue to come to Jamaica
    after slavery was abolished.

    Telling you when the British slave trade ends.
    Informing you about what happens to African children after slavery.
    Some people of Jamaica are from European descent and is called white or Mulatto.
    The Indians brought plants and their religion to Jamaica
    The Chinese open grocery stores and restaurants in Jamaica

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