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Types of Material Science Quiz Grade 4

Teacher:Mr. Harris

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(1) In science a material is a substance that is used to make various objects.______

(2)The properties of a material are its unique qualities that we can observe and measure._________

(3) Objects are made of one or several materials combined, and therefore have various properties._______

(4)A material is said to be absorbent if __________.

(5)If the wall is opaque it means __________.

(6)When we say a material is flexible it means _________________.

(7)If the car glass is tinted dark we say it is_____________.

(8)What does malleable means?

(9)Which one of these materials is malleable?____

(10)Which of these can exists as three states of matter?____

(11) Which statement describes the materials that are used to make the flower pot and stand?_____

(12)If you drop an object and it is broken easily we say it is________.

(13)Liquid and solid water have their own shape.

(14)When water changes to a gas, it has no definite shape of its own.

(15)Solids will take the shape their containers.

(16)Even if water changes shape,it has a set volume.